Camping blanket is a crucial requirement especially if you are heading out to a winter camping trip. If you have become frustrated after a long and tireless week of work, then you might need to recharge yourself. The best way to do so is to go for an outdoor trip with your friends and family. When it comes to camping, you need several things to take care of. Among the packing list for your camping, the blanket is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment.

Every one of us wants a blanket for our camping which is lightweight, durable, waterproof and so on. We know that camping is all about the roughness, but it never means that you have to be uncomfortable in it. As in the blanket, you don’t have to stay zipped in like the sleeping bags. That’s why the blanket gives you more freedom to move which you cannot find in any sleeping bags available in the market.

However, if you want the best camping blanket, then you are in the right place. We have listed the top 20 blankets, suitable for your home-away outdoor camping trip.

Snugpak Jungle Camping Blanket- The Most Durable Camping Blanket

best camping blanket

When you are searching for the best camping blankets, the Snugpak Jungle tops the list. As the name suggests, this blanket is all about giving you the utmost comfort for your home-away outdoor trips. No matter, what kind of weather condition is out there, the Snugpak Jungle is the optimum solution for the search of your camping blankets.

The Travelsoft insulation technique makes the blanket lighter in weight compared to others. Despite being lightweight, the blanket is quite warmer than all the other camping blankets in the market. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the blanket make it free of the smell that accumulates during your outdoor trips. There are several key features available with this camping blanket.

Key Features

  • The blanket is ultra-compact and easy to fold that you cannot find in other camping blankets.

  • It weighs only 1.56lbs, which is comparatively lighter than others.

  • The blanket comes fully waterproof and sand proof.

  • It even comes with puncture resistant technology to offer an optimum level of comfort.

  • Corner pockets are also available with this blanket. You can use them as camping stakes in the trip.

Matador 2.0 Pocket Blanket- The Handy Blanket

best pocket camping blanket

When it comes to the consistency, Matador always tries its best to offer you the most comfortable camping blankets. The Matador 2.0 Pocket blanket is the right option for your outdoor trips if you are looking for a handy and lightweight blanket.

The 90 microns thick Hyperlite Nylon keeps the blanket water resistant in the rainy days. The blanket even comes with puncture resistance because of that nylon. If you unfold the blanket once, you will see that 4 adults can easily fit in it. The process to pack it back as it was, is also extremely easy.

Key Features

  • Key Chain size, that you can easily carry.

  • It weighs only 1.3 ounces that makes it lightweight and handy, which is not found in many other camping blankets.

  • Comes with Hyperlite Nylon that makes it water resistant as well as puncture resistant.

  • There are several pouches attached to this pocket blanket that you can use to store different things.

  • The unfolded dimension of the pocket blanket is 110 x 70 sq. cm. After folding, the dimension of this blanket becomes 7.6cm x 5cm x 2.5cm, that you can easily fit it in your pocket.

  • It’s easy-to-pack pattern allows you to quickly pack it and unpack it.

Bearz Outdoor Beach Camping Blanket- The Sand Proof Blanket For Your Picnic Trip

best camping blanket

If you are getting ready for your outdoor camping trip, then it becomes important to pack as light as you can. You never want to carry a lot of bulky weight when you are hiking on the trip. The blanket is incredibly light in weight and very compact as compared to a few other blankets. If you are in a picnic on a beach or on a mountain, then it is the perfect outdoor setting for you.

This blanket is even waterproof, and hence, you can use it under heavy rainfall as a cover. The easy to fold technique gives you the flexibility to use it and pack it instantly within a few moments. If you are on a beach or on a mountain, then you can even put sand or small stones to stop it from blowing away. If you are 4 persons on the trip, then you all can easily fit in this blanket.

Key Features

  • The dimension of this blanket is 75.5 x 42.5 x 1 inches which is quite small as compared to others.

  • The blanket comes with Insulated Cloud loft technique.

  • It has a stuff sack that makes it easy to carry in different locations.

  • The carabiners and pouches that come with this blanket give you the access to store different things in them.

  • The blanket is moisture proof that makes it even more compelling for your trip in the rainy season.

Nemo Victory Blanket- The Go Anywhere Blanket

best camping blanket

As a casual option for your home-away outdoor trips, this blanket meets all your requirements. You can use the Nemo Victory blanket not only as a camping blanket but also for the outdoor trips to a beach or on a mountain.

It incorporates a waterproof bottom to repel the water and other elements that you can find on your trip. It contains several pouches and storage packets where you can keep your valuable items. There are two options available with this blanket. You can choose either the 2 persons or the 4 persons blanket as per your need.

Key Features

  • This is the go-anywhere blanket which you can use in different locations. Doesn’t matter if it is a beach or a jungle or a mountain.

  • The bottom of this blanket is waterproof and the top is soft with Flannel fabric. Thus, you won’t find any discomfort with this blanket.

  • If you want the floor of your tent cozy, then this blanket offers you so.

  • Best for 2 to 4 persons who can easily fit in the blanket.

  • The corner loops of the blanket make it stick to the ground when the wind blows.

  • The storage pocket folds underneath that makes it easy and comfortable to store your valuable things.

Kelty Bestie Blanket- The Lightweight Antibacterial Camping Blanket

best camping blanket

If you are searching for such a blanket that you can use in the cold weather condition, then this is the right option for you. The blanket is insulated with Cloud loft and provides you with the full feature to keep yourself warm. The Kelty Bestie comes with an ideal size that you can easily take it into your backpacks.

When you are enjoying the scenery beside the campfire on a cold night, this blanket offers you the utmost comfort. On long trips, this blanket is so useful that you can wrap it around you while going for that trip. You can even use it as a picnic blanket and there are plenty of colors available with this camping blanket option. Therefore, you can take it with you anywhere you go or you can simply lay on it.

Key Features

  • This cold weather blanket weighs 1.8lbs which is light enough if you compare it with other cold weather camping qulits.

  • You won’t have to worry about the nasty smell as it comes with antibacterial and antimicrobial protection.

  • The minimum temperature with this blanket is 36 degrees whereas the maximum temperature is 45 degrees.

  • It comes with the TravelSoft insulation feature that offers you more comfortability.

  • The compression sack makes it handy to use if you compare it with the other blankets

  • The total dimension of the blanket is 75.5 x 42.5 x 1 inches, which is sufficient for 4 persons.

Wooly Mammoth Explorer- A Woolen Camping Blanket With Extra Layer Of Insulation

best camping blanket

The Wooly Mammoth Explorer is the ideal option if you are looking for a woolen camping blanket. This blanket is woven with 80% virgin Merino wool and 20% thick polyester that make it the premium quality woolen blanket. It includes milled finish to formulate the blanket with more density. As we know, a denser blanket means greater heat retention; so, this woolen blanket fulfills all the requirements.

It is so durable as it also comes with a thick polyester thread that gives longevity. You can even use this as a utility blanket whenever you feel the emergency to do so.

Key Features

  • Virgin Merino Wool makes the blanket warm that you need in a woolen camping blanket.

  • The extra layer of insulation can be found in this blanket that offers more comfort.

  • The dimension of the blanket is 66 inches x 90 inches, where you and your friends can easily fit in.

  • It is relatively lightweight compared to the features it provides.

Pendleton Twin Wool Camping Blanket- The Classy Quilt

best wool camping blanket

Many people are out there who like to camp outside as an old-school type camper. If you are one of them, then Pendleton Twin is the thing you need. With this blanket, you will get the feeling of a classy western adventure movie which cannot be found in other blankets. With the leather carrier, it looks even greater than others.

The blanket is made out of 86% wool and 14% cotton which make it warmer than any other blanket. This Pendleton Twin comes with the perfect combination of wool and cotton to use it even in the coldest weather. Thus, with this blanket, you will get superb warmth no matter what kind of terrain you have chosen to camp in.

Key Features

  • A perfect combination of wool and cotton which is 86% and 14 % respectively, has been used in this blanket.

  • The dimension of the blanket is 66 inches x 84 inches and the weight is 5.75lbs which fair enough.

  • Comes with a leather carrier to tie it up which makes its transportation so convenient.

Eddie Bauer Adult Throw- The 100% Polyester Added Camping Blanket

best polyester camping blanket

If you are at home or at the campsite, the Eddie Bauer Adult Throw does its job to keep you warm. So, the winter season would never stand as an issue if you have chosen this unit. It comes with the Premium Down insulation technique that makes the blanket even warmer.

Additionally, the polyester shell of the blanket provides you with an enhanced softness. The double needle stitching makes the blanket denser than others options available in the market. With this stitching technique, you will get the necessary longevity for years. The Eddie Bauer Adult Throw is also pretty handy to carry.

Key Features

  • It comes with 100% polyester to offer you better warmth than the other blankets.

  • RDS certified down insulation provides you with ultralight warmth.

  • 600 fill Premium Down is introduced in this unit of Eddie Bauer.

  • The total dimension of the blanket is 50 inches x 72 inches that give you sufficient space to stay comfortable if you are 2 to 3 persons.

ZEFABACK Down Camping Blanket- A Blanket That You Can Fold To A Football’s Size

best camping blanket

You will fall asleep once you wrap this blanket around yourself. Even if you are not camping, you will get enough comfort with it. If you need the super soft blanket, then the ZEFABACK brings to you the ultimate solution for it. The 600FP duck down blanket is quite lighter than many others.

However, the outside of this blanket is formed of 20D Ripstop Nylon that offers a better protection when it is raining. When you have done your camping, you can easily fold it up. You can squeeze it back to a football-size element. So, you would not face any difficulty in carrying it on different outdoor trips.

Key Features

  • The blanket comes with the 20D Ripstop Nylon that offers the ultimate warmth.

  • It is also waterproof and hand-washable which you cannot find in many of the blankets available in the market.

  • As it comes with antibacterial properties, you wouldn’t face odor and stain with it.

  • You can fold it to a football-size blanket.

  • It is a great replacement of the sleeping bag you carry on your different outdoor trips.

  • The weight of the blanket is only 1.17lbs.

Coalatree Kachula Camping Blanket- The Best Blanket For Your Adventure

best camping blanket for adventure

Kachula made a reputation to manufacture different solutions for outdoor activities. No matter, if you are playing baseball games or you are on an outdoor trip, Kachula comes with all the things you need. The Coalatree is a water-resistant blanket that has antibacterial properties to repel all the stains and odors from it.

It also has stash spots that you can use as your personal storage for storing your valuable items. You will get a hood with this blanket to use it as a cover under heavy rainfall.

Key Features

  • Comes with a removable hood to protect you under heavy rainfall.

  • The integrated modular system is also available with this blanket.

  • You can even use it as your travel pillow.

  • It contains durable zippers and a carabiner loop to offer resistance to the air to stick to the ground.

  • The dimension of the blanket is 50 inches x 72 inches and its weight is 1.9lbs that makes it a lightweight blanket.

Genuine US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Camping Blanket

best camping blanket

If you are one of those people who doesn’t care about the outside weather, then this blanket is the right option for you. This all-weather blanket will keep you dry even it is raining. It even comes with a poncho, so you won’t face any difficulties on your mountain hiking trips.

This all-weather camping blanket comes with 100% polyester on the outside that makes it completely waterproof. This durable blanket gives full compliance to use it roughly on your home-away camping trips. You will get a Woodland Camouflage design that offers you comfortable use it in the coldest weather conditions.

Key Features

  • The combination of Nylon and Polyester makes it more convenient to use.

  • The dimension is 82 inches x 62 inches; thus, you and your group will easily fit in it.

  • It only weighs 1.4lbs, which is relatively light compared to many blankets.

Therm-A-Rest Proton Blanket- All Round Outdoor Camping Blanket

best outdoor camping blanket

If you want to stay warm and protected in your adventure, this might be the optimum solution for you. It provides you with everything you need in an all-around blanket for your outdoor camping trips. You will stay dry as this blanket comes with the waterproofing technology.

It comes with such breathable shell fabrics that help you to breathe inside the blanket easily. The hollow microfiber polyester keeps you warm in the coldest weather conditions. The Proton also hosts the capacity to pack down into its own packing for a convenient carrier.

Key Features

  • Only weighs 1.2lbs, that makes it light enough to carry in all your outdoor trips.

  • The fill material is era Loft Hollow Microfiber Polyester, that offers a better insulation and warmth.

  • Comes with easy to fold technique that reduces a lot of time to pack it after camping.

Ektos- The Fire Retardent Camping Blanket

best Fire Retardent camping blanket

As one of the best materials for blankets, wool offers us durability as well as warmth. If it is cold outside and you are in the woods, then this Ektos camping blanket is such a thing that you always need. Even if the blanket is heavier than others, you will feel more secure and warm in it.  It is made of virgin Merino wool, one of the finest material that’s used in the blanket market.

In winter, this blanket should be your ultimate choice as it is built with 90% of wool and 10% synthetic fibers. So, it would never matter how much cold it is outside, you will always stay warm. With a single machine wash, you will have a clean blanket for your outdoor camping.

Key Features

  • There is 90% wool and 10% synthetic fiber available with this blanket.

  • You will find overlocked edges in this blanket.

  • It is fire retardant, so you will get safety from fire.

  • It weighs 4.6lbs, which offer you more security inside the blanket.

Rei Co-Op Houndstooth Camp Throw

best camping blanket

If you are searching for a blanket that you can use both indoors and outdoors, then Rei offers you the right thing. The all-new Rei Co-Op Houndstooth Camp Throw provides such comfort that you can not find in others. It comes with water repellent technology to keep you dry in rain.

You will get full protection from wind, as Rei promised that the blanket is windproof to 50mph air. You will feel more warmth and comfort because of this windproofing technology. It also comes with a stuff sack for easy transportation on different trips you go.

Key Features

  • Quite lighter than other blankets as it weighs only 1.4lbs.

  • The dimension of the blanket is 70 inches x 54 inches, which is enough to accomodate 4 people.

  • It is made of recycled materials, that makes it so unique.

Mambe- The Extreme Weather Camping Blanket

best camping blanket

When you are searching for the best camping blanket, you may need such a blanket that you can use in extreme weather conditions. If so, then Mambe camping blanket is the nicest option you have. The Polartec Classic Fleece that has been used in the blanket, keeps you so warm that you won’t feel cold in it at all.

It also offers you waterproofing and windproofing that allows you to take it on outdoor concerts. With a single wash in your machine, you will get a completely clean blanket. However, there are several important features available with this blanket as mentioned in the section below.

Key Features

  • It is a fully waterproof blanket that you can use in the outdoors as well as indoors.

  • The genuine Polartec Classic fleece keeps you warmer.

  • It has radiant heat reflective properties which many of the blankets don’t have.

  • A lightweight and durable blanket that offers a long time of usability.

  • Machine washable so you can wash it simply with your washing machine.

Rumpl Puffy Blanket- The Best Alternative For A Sleeping Bag

best camping blanket

You will get all the high-quality features with this blanket that you can find in a sleeping bag. If you want full weather protection using a blanket, then this Puffy blanket is the best choice you have. It comes with the 20D Ripstop Nylon which allows the utmost protection from the outside harsh weather conditions.

This blanket also features the 3D hollow fiber synthetic that offers a better insulation to keep you warm in cold weather. It comes with a DWR coating that makes it dirt and odor resistant.

Key Features

  • The weight of the Puffy is 2.1lbs, which is comparatively lighter than other blankets.

  • Durable to use; you can use it for a very long time.

  • Water-resistant to use under heavy rainfall.

  • It is even odor and stain resistant due to the DWR coating.

There are several kinds of blankets available out there. If you are searching for the best camping blankets, then go through the above segment. After that, you will definitely find the right choice for you.

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