A camping chair will be right in the first position of the camping checklist for comfort-oriented campers. If you are one of those campers who want to relax by stretching his legs in wilderness trails, then you can’t plan your trip without a camping chair. Moreover, you may find your place under the pines and enjoy the natural beauty by seating on a camping chair. An old hiking chair won’t give that comfort and serve your purpose like a heavy duty camping chair. Hence, you need a first-class camping chair to relish your weekend at your favourite campground.

Types Of Camping Chairs

Camping chairs can be classified into the following three categories:


It can be of two forms- folding seats and stools. This type of chairs is not adequate for a backpacking trip.


These chairs come with aluminum legs, armrests, and seat backs. They are generally built with a carrying bag and a strap.


Luxurious camping chairs have armrests, reclining capabilities and many more features that ensure maximum stability and support. These are high-end regular camping chairs that can add to your comfort and relaxation.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Heavy Duty Camping Chair

Have a quick glance at the criteria we have discussed right below.


It is the primary deciding factor for a minimal or regular camping chair. If you go for a minimal heavy duty camping chair, then it will be portable for you to carry. You may think of purchasing a stool if you are going on a winter camping trip. It elevates you off the wet or frozen ground and is capable of handling 500 lbs of weight. The folding seat often serves as a summer sleeping pad for backpackers. But if you want to have a luxurious camp chair, then it will be undoubtedly heavier.  


Today, manufacturers make camping chairs in a variety of sizes ranging from the three-legged minimalist to the portable Loveseat. Ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • Is the camping chair too big or too small for you?
  • Is the camping chair strong enough to support your weight?
  • How long is the chair going to last?

After analyzing those things, you will come to know that which is going to be your most suitable camping chair.


Coated RipStop Nylon enhances durability, water resistance, and comfort of camping chairs. If it has a closed cell foam padding, then you can use it for water-based activities. Carbon fiber in the folding seats improves rigidity in the seat back and is removable as well in emergency purposes.


If you are going for a long camping trip, then camp stools and folding seats will serve your purpose in the best way. Since regular camp chairs have a carrying case and a strap, you can carry it easily on rafting or canoeing trips. You can buy luxurious camp chairs to rest on an easy access area such as a state park or a festival campground.


You need to ensure that the camping chair you are going to buy has cup holders to convert the normal camp chair into a plush one. Luxurious camp chairs will have advanced cup holders with attached coolers and koozies. Chairs with armrests are heavy duty but give you extra comfort.

Extended Pads

Extended pads provide added cushioning to the regular seat and can be extended fully. Moreover, you can unfold it to insulate your legs or keep them safe from dust and dirt. Hence, you can use it as a sleeping pad on a summer camping trip.


If you need a camping chair for relaxing during the summer afternoons, then search for the one that has a host of add-ons. Whereas, If you want to expose yourself to the sun for prolonged periods, then consider canopy along with the other factors.


The selection of a heavy duty camping chair largely depends on the rate of comfort you would wish to derive from it. If you have a bad back, then think of consulting your doctor once before making the final selection of the camping chair.


As you know, the price often becomes the foremost consideration while buying any products. Hence, prepare your budget and then move accordingly with the selection of a camping chair.

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs To Buy In 2019

Go through the given list and buy the best heavy duty camping chair as per your preference:

ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Folding Camping Chair

It is the best chair for those persons who want to stay close to the ground instead of sitting up high at the campsite. It ranks top among the best beach chairs available in the market. If you wish, you can dig down the chair a little into the sand and have a perfect low riding platform. It has a powder coated, corrosion resistant, and heavy duty steel frame to bear up to 300 pounds of weight. The one-piece seat lets you derive the pleasure of the sea sight. It is portable enough with only 6.8 pounds of weight. It has a sturdy canvas carrying sack that can be toted into the woods. Apart from all these benefits, this camping chair provides you with a 5 years warranty.

Coleman Camping Chair With Cooler

It is equipped with a heavy-duty steel frame to accommodate over 300 pounds of weight. It has a built-in cooler sleeve on the side for improving your comfort. You can get this camping chair at an attractive price with a number of features. This chair has a provision to store cold drinks under the armrest. If you want, you may keep your books, magazines, and a small writing table in the sleeve on the right side of the chair.

You can adjust the armrests as per your choice and store your beverages in the cup holder. If you place a small bag of ice in the cooler, then you can spend summer afternoons comfortably. Along with this, the camping chair has a smaller mesh pocket for holding mosquito repellents, sunglasses, and many more tiny camping essentials. It might not be a first rating camping chair but will optimize your comfort at a reasonable price.

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Camping Chair

It provides campers with a platform for total outdoor relaxation. Like others, it also has a powder coated, corrosion resistant and high-quality heavy duty frame. You can sit on the chair or lay back as the chair adjusts to myriad positions. This chair is referred to as zero gravity as you can elevate your legs as much as you want. It might feel heavier for you as it weighs 18 pounds approximately. But it has more capacity to withstand the salty beach than any other beach chairs. You can use the chair both in your family room and your camping basement as well.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Unlike standard folding chairs, it has the ability to stand up to the rigours of camp life. It has an ultra-strong powder coated steel frame to bear up to 800 Ibs. Not only a child but also an adult can rest safely and comfortably for the 600D polyester fabric. It is a piece of excellent camping furniture, that you can take a nap in as well. You can keep your books, magazines, tablet and whatever else you would like to have in the pocket dangling from on arm of the chair. Moreover, the cup holders on each arm can hold your camping mug. You won’t have any difficulties in folding up and packing this chair into its carrying sack.

Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

It has a sleek design to stretch yourself. Its nice wide back keeps you cool during summer afternoons. Its specifically designed seat provides sag-free support and each armest has a beverage holder for storing your beverages. At the side of the right armrest, there is a pocket to hold your miscellaneous items. The dual lock camping chair holds you in good stead irrespective of your weight.

Coleman Broadman Quad Chair

It has a simple design with minimal ornamentation and accessories. The chair is strong enough to hold up to 250 pounds. It is so light that you can carry it over your shoulder or in your backpack and move through the woods comfortably. It has a well-ventilated back and a mesh cup holder in the right armrest for holding beverages. High-quality corrosion resistant steel frame and polyester fabric are durable enough to carry an adult and are easy to clean as well. You can effortlessly carry this 3.5 pounds chair to any place from your campsite.

Stylish Camping Folding Director’s Chair

Multiple add-ons of this heavy duty camping chair will make your camping trip enjoyable and more comfortable. The pockets near the left armrest will hold several tech and non-tech items. There is a folding table at the right armrest which can serve both as your lunch and dinner table. The chair has an aluminium frame that is strong enough to hold adequate weight and will last for many years. You can get this 10 pounds chair at a reasonably fair price.

Quik Chair Heavy Duty Folding Chair

This chair has a corrosion resistant steel tube frame to support a minimum of 500 pounds. The 300D polyester fabric makes the chair durable and comfortable at the same time. It is unique in the sense that it is light and yet has an appreciably high weight holding capacity. It has dual cup holders and a handy canvas carrying bag. Its stain resistant fabric ensures that it won’t require cleaning. It does not require screwdrivers, pliers, or vice grips for holding it in a specific position. It is a great chair for relaxing by the campfire or enjoying your leisurely afternoon at the beach. You can virtually carry this 8.3 Ibs three season chair to any camping trip.

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

This camping chair has a built-in canopy to keep the scorching heat of the sun off you. Moreover, the heavy-duty synthetic material of the canopy provides up to 50+ UPF protection when you enjoy the afternoon at the sea beach. It has built-in support to protect your head, neck, shoulders, and upper arms. The sturdy frame resists up to 250 pounds and the mesh strip that runs from your seat to your upper back keeps you cool. This 10 Ibs camping chair is stain resistant and makes you feel cosy on a camping trip. It is a well-balanced chair with a drink holder in the right arm and a flexible canopy that is easy to set up or take down.

Kelty Loveseat

It is a heavy duty double camping chair that can accommodate you and your companion simultaneously. It has adjustable arms and a tough, corrosion resistant steel frame to hold two adults comfortably. This chair is remarkably comfortable and easy to clean because of the 600D polyester fabric. You can use this chair to share your camping experience with your little kid. Since it is a double camping chair, it is heavier to carry to distant places. Despite being 17.9Ibs, it can be set up and folded back within seconds.

Travel Chair Slacker Chair Folding Tripod

It is a three-legged stool that is easy to unfold and weighs two pounds only. It can withstand up to 275 pounds and will last for several years due to its PU-backed polyester fabric. You can prefer Kelty Loveseat if you want a camping chair that will serve you temporarily and take minimal space in your storage bag.

Quik Shade MAX Shade Camp Chair

It is a 9.8 Ibs camping chair with a fully adjustable canopy. Its heavy-duty steel frame supports a maximum of 225 pounds and is highly durable. The large zippered storage pocket below the right armrest has two drink holders and folds up in a second. You can set up the canopy in no time and can tilt, raise or lower it down for the right level of shade. You can breathe and cradle comfortably because of its 600D polyester fabric. It has a more advantageous canopy as it provides 40% more coverage than the other items on the list.

In this article, I have sorted out and focused on the highest ranking heavy duty camping chairs in the market today. These camping chairs stand out from the rest for their outstanding values and noticeable features. Hope, you are going to find one to fit your particular outdoor needs in the best possible way.

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