10 Hammock Camping Tips

Hammocks are a true blessing for a restful sleep, especially when you are off to camping. There can be no as good camping mat and tents on vacation. Anyone who sleeps on the hammock regenerates his powers by himself. Hanging mats are a must for open-air sleeping. A camping hammock is not equal to the outdoor hammock. So, know about 10 Hammock Camping Tips from this article.

So What Are The Points To Consider When Choosing A Travel Hammock?

First and foremost, it is important to understand the purpose of the hammock. The most important criteria to consider when buying a hanger mat are briefly described below:

  • Dimensions
    The measurements are, of course, important as in clothing. Would you like to bed yourself or your children in the hammock? This is already a part. But the breadth is much more important. The wider, the more comfortable; so at least the dominant opinion. Wide hammocks favour almost diagonal lying, which in turn has a positive effect on the back structure. So, with a proper dimension, comfort is guaranteed.

  • The purpose determines the choice
    Is the camping hammock intended for children? Then do not choose a mesh hammock. Should the hammock really be used primarily outdoors? What about water resistance? The question about the material should also be taken into account in the case of special purposes. If a lot of hiking, a light outdoor hammock should be used.
  • Material
    Synthetic? Cotton? Nylon? Parachute? Personal preferences matter here. However, also the main purpose for which the outdoor hammock is to be used is always of primary importance. Expensive fabrics of hammock contain better materials with more strength, durability, and safety.

  • Resilience
    Each travel hammock has its limits, and these mostly show up in weight. Mesh hammocks are, by the way, more stable than pure fabric hanger mats.

Hammock Camping Tips

Keeping in mind a few tips while hammock camping can make your trip to cherish the whole life. Watch out for the tips discussed below and enjoy camping.

Tip 1: Go After The Right Hammock

The number of companies producing and selling hammocks has increased in recent years. So choosing a good hammock is not a matter of seconds anymore. If you do not have any financial concerns, then try to acquire an expensive hammock.

Quality brings assurance. So, it will be wiser of you to focus on the quality rather than running after cheap materials. Obviously, you will not want those hammocks with less durability and are prone to break away when you hang them between the trees.


Tip 2: Reliable Tree Straps That Make Hanging Easy

Tree straps are very important for tension-free hanging on the tree. You need to make sure that it does not come off easily and that it is durable and has good performance. Invest properly on the tree straps so that they are strong and does not come off easily.


Tip 3: Hang Your Hammock Loose

Most hammock campers, especially, the first-timers tend to hang the hammock tight to avoid falling from the hammock. While it will increase your reliability of not falling, it does not makes you feel comfortable in any way.

So, the best tip is to tighten your hammock on the sides and let it hang loose with slack in the middle. This makes it more comfortable to sit on the hammock and also lay on it. Besides that, a low hanging hammock can let you access the ground more easily and without any risk of falling down.


Tip 4: Presence Of A Handy Gear Pocket

A hanging pouch or a gear pocket can serve a perfect place to store your water bottle, small torch, snacks, etc. that you will require in the night.


Tip 5: Lay Diagonally In Your Hammock

Try to sleep diagonally on your hammock. Try a 30-degree angle and lay flat while doing so. This will feel more comfortable and you can stay on one side of it as well.


Tip 6: Make Use Of A Sleeping Pad

Hammocks can be cooler and will feel like so when you are sleeping. This is because you are swinging with the breeze. Therefore, try to add a sleeping pad in your hammock. Mummy shaped sleeping pads are the best in this regard and can give you your much-needed warmth.


Tip  7: Use Warmer Sleeping Bag For Your Hammock

If you are camping in a snowy area, then try to use a sleeping bag that is very warm. This will help you to regulate your body heat. Therefore, not only get a large hammock bag but also get a warm pad. Also, see that you have enough space inside your bag to pack warm clothes.


Tip 8: Attach Your Hammock Under A Quilt

To add extra warmth, you can put up the hammock under a quilt. This works like a charm in regulating your body heat. There is much quality of quilts available in the market, but try to get the best one among them.


Tip 9: Use A Bug Net

Hammock camping is incomplete without a bug net. It is not necessary during winter to add a bug net but is a must during summer camps. A bug net is essential because a single bite from the wild bugs can result in dangerous diseases and sometimes death as well.


Tip 10: Add A tarp To Your Hammock Setup

To protect or save yourself from the rain, you will require a good tarp. Invest in those hammock tarps that are light in weight and offers good protection from the rain.

To Sum It Up

Another important thing that we add extra to this hammock camping tips is the setup of a hammock on windy nights. Remember to place the tarp ends parallel to the wind flow. This will ensure that your tarp does not break while hanging and give you a more secure feel while sleeping.

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