If you are planning your next hike that includes camping, then sleeping bags should be a must. If you don’t have the perfect one or looking to buy a new, this is a post that will help you. Ultralight sleeping bags are probably what you would need. They don’t only keep you warm in cold and harsh conditions but are easy to carry.

Here, in this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best ultralight sleeping bag that you can buy in 2019.

7 Ultralight Sleeping Bags 2018-19: Know The Best

Below mentioned are some of the most highly rated and top-selling ultralight sleeping bag. You can buy these online and should also be available at your nearest hiking and camping gear store. So, let’s move ahead and check out what you can go for.

HyperLamina Flame (Mountain Hardwear)

Mountain Hardware is a name synonymous with quality hiking and camping equipment. HyperLamina Flame is one of their most popular product and for valid reasons. The sleeping bag is one of the lightest (if not the lightest) ones in the market. Let’s take a quick look at what makes it such a great choice.

HyperLamina Flame is an ultralight and warm synthetic sleeping bag to tackle cold and harsh conditions. It is designed to eliminate freezing conditions to keep the body warm. This ultralight sleeping bag is a mummy-cut design with a face gasket and a centre half-zip. It body core and feet warm guaranteeing thermal efficiency.

Also, Thermal-Q insulation works splendidly with a loft. It also has an ergonomic draft collar that keeps you warm accompanied by traditional stitching. You also get a comfortable foot box with enough room to maintain the natural foot position. With less girth and also a snug fit, HyperLamina Flame is definitely worth every penny.


  • Weight: around 2.12 lbs
  • Warmth Rating: 20°F / -6°C

Atom (Marmot)

Marmot is another popular name when talking about brands favoured by backpackers. Atom sleeping bag is one of their best selling products and for valid reasons. This sleeping bag is not only preferred by mountain hikers but also explorers of every kind.

Marmot’s Atom ultralight sleeping bag comes with mummy design and perfect for less harsh conditions. It won’t help you much in extreme sub-zero conditions but has its own advantages. The sleeping bag firstly sports a down 2nd zipper guaranteeing better ventilation and easy access. It also comes with Dow Defender to block out water in wet or damp conditions. This is also a reason why this sleeping bag is chosen by coastal hikers as well.

The design of the Atom sleeping bag is what makes it stand out. Its zippers come with an anti-snag slider accompanied with stretch tricot to keep it in position while sleeping. Though the foot box is a bit uncomfortable but has enough snug to protect your feet in extremities. You also get a couple of loops for storing and cleaning the bag.


  • Weight: 1.4 lb
  • Warmth Rating: 40°F / 4.4°

Siren Down Ultralight Quilt (Nemo)

When looking for quilt style sleeping bags, Nemo’s Siren Down Ultralight Quilt is rarely overlooked. Nemo is yet to gain a grand reputation in the market but already has acquired a cult following. Let’s take a look at what makes this product and a popular choice among backpackers.

Siren Down Ultralight sleeping bag is one of the lightest quilt style designs. It is made with high-end fabric with no extras at all but guarantees draft-free sleep. You also get a neck closure with straps which makes it extremely comfortable for cold conditions. It does not only give you good conditions to sleep in but also made keeping sleeping patterns in mind. Every human move in different ways while sleeping. This bags is kind of perfect for side-ways sleepers and restless bodies.

The exterior the sleeping bag is made with 10D Mylon Ripstop with DWR to keep moisture seeping in. The interior also has 10 Nylon Mini-ripstop for added comfort. It is also easy to use and with an option to poke out your legs and roll down the top if it gets too warm. Furthermore, you can even use it as a hammock if required.


  • Weight: 1.7 lb
  • Warmth Rating: 30°F / -1°C

Backcountry Bed (Sierra Designs)

The zipperless and ultralight Backcountry Bed sleeping bag from Sierra Designs is also another popular choice. This ultralight sleeping bag comes with a contoured shape to maximize comfort. But have a look at what else makes this specific product so popular.

Firstly, the sleeping bag is light in weight and easy to carry around. Though you do not have many colours to choose from, the shape and zipperless design make it a pretty good choice. It is an oversized comforter that gives you the feel of a snug bed like at home. Also, there are insulated pockets for arms and feet with a stretch chord closure system to seal out drafts. It also has a self-sealing foot box for proper ventilation.

Also, the Backcountry Bed keeps the sleeping pad in place for long hours of comfortable sleep. You get to choose from 2 variants one long and another regular. Probably the only drawback of the product is the longer one is only 6ft in length, taller people usually struggle in it. But overall it is a good choice if you are less than 6ft tall.


  • Weight: 2.1 lbs
  • Warmth Rating: 27°F / -3°C

Spark SP III Sleeping Bag (Sea To Summit)

Cacoon shaped sleeping bags have a market of its own. That is exactly what the Spark SP III by Sea to Summit offers. The makers of the bag have done an exceptional job in designing this ultralight sleeping bag. Since release, the product has got good reviews from customers.

Spark SP III has a 10D UL nylon shell that makes it quite sturdy. It is also reinforced with DWR with high-density weave and transverse baffle construction. Furthermore, the sleeping back also packs a contoured hood with a tightening chord to hold warmth. When properly used, it can almost cover your head totally. Additionally, the sleeping bag sports a one way 1/3 zipper with an added toggle. This allows you to totally cacoon yourself.

Taking only a little amount of space in your backpack, this ultralight sleeping bag is kind of perfect alpine expeditions. The structure is soft and can easily be squeezed into its compression bag into the company provided compression sack. Not only can you pack the sleeping bag easily into the sack but can also compress the sack even further.


  • Weight: 1.8 lb
  • Warmth Rating: 25°F / -4°C

Flex 15°F (Katabatic Gear)

Looking for an ultralight sleeping bag with proper insulation? Then, Katabatic Gear’s Flex 15°F sleeping bag is exactly what you are looking for. The sleeping bag is designed to protect you and keep you warm in chilly conditions. Also, the walls of the sleeping bag have proper overfill reducing cold spots when you move about while sleeping.

Flex 15°F also comes with a foot box with zipper and can be turned into a blanket if and when needed. The overfills also help when the bag is zipped and used differently.  It also comes with down filled collar and draft guard doubling up with the foot box. Furthermore, the bag comes in a variety of sizes.

This is somehow one of the best sleeping bags available within a budget range of its kind. Receiving good reviews from the market, it is definitely a product worth taking a look into. If you looking to explore the Alps and need a dependable sleeping bag, not too heavy and doesn’t take up much space, Katabatic Gear’s Flex 15°F is definitely a good choice.


  • Weight: 1.10 lbs
  • Warmth Rating: 15°F / -9.4°C

Solo Quilt (Zpacks)

Probably the best of its type currently in the market. Zpack’s Solo Quilt is an entry that no list of best ultralight sleeping bags will be complete without. Solo Quilt is available in 3 different variants: broad, standard and slim. It is also probably the no-frill sleeping bag currently available in the market. It also comes packed with both, one with a 1/3rd zipper and one with full-length zipper with draft tube.

Solo Quilt also includes an enclosed foot box to keep you warm and also stops your feet from popping out. You also get two ways to close the sleeping bag. Either close the quilt from the sides to the centre with a strap or simply tuck them beneath you. The goose like filling short chamber also makes sure the quilt doesn’t get loosened for moving around while sleeping.

The only probable drawback of this sleeping bag is the lack of a hood. But at the same time, this can be dealt with by going a size larger than what you need. You can also simply hear a woollen hat or a warm headgear to avoid the going one size higher. The outer shell is made with DWR and easily be cleaned at home.
So, these were some of the best available ultralight sleeping bags currently available in the market. Ultralight camping gears have their own advantages and simply makes the load you need to carry lighter. Each of the mentioned gears is highly rated by customers and definitely worth every penny.

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