Best Camping Cooking Gear

Camping cooking gear including knife sets and stoves must be included in your checklist before you head out. With the summer bidding away and fall coming, the weather becomes more comfortable for camping outside. Whether you’re an expert or not regarding camping, there are various useful tools that will help you to make delicious food without much effort. Just like your cooking skills improve, your cooking gear needs to develop also. The main purpose of being a camp chef is to make good food without acquiring fancy equipment. In this article, you’ll get to know about the best camping cooking gear that are ideal for making the perfect meal while camping.

List Of The Top 15 Best Camping Cooking Gears

When you are out there camping, you need food for regaining your strength. Without the proper cooking gear, making your meal is not possible. So, before you set out for your new adventure, make sure to pack the things that are necessary, including cooking gear. Here, I have listed some of the genuinely useful camping cooking gear that will improve your cooking experience during camping.

Camp Chef Everest Two-Burner Camp Stove

camping cooking gear

Often, people complain that their camp stoves take too much time while boiling water which is not at all acceptable. To solve this issue, the Camp Chef Everest stove is at your service. It might look small, but with the help of two high-pressure 20,000 BTU burners, your food is ready in no time.

Whether you’re going solo or camping with the full squad, this cooking gear is the ultimate answer to your fast and delicious meals. Not only the BTU burners, but it also comes with three-sided wind protection and push-button lighting that let you experience a matchless ignition system.

As it has a wide grill and a propane tank adapter, it gets easier for the user to choose their own pots and pans as they need. With the help of a locking lid and carry handle, you can easily move the stove anywhere you want. The Everest camp stove has a nickel-coated steel cooking grate that is capable of holding pots, pans, griddles etc. So, undoubtedly, it is one of the best companions that you’ll require while outdoor camping.

Pots: Lodge 10-inch Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven

best camping cooking gear

If you’ve gone camping with a car, then it gets a lot easier to carry pots, pans, and other relevant camping stuff. But depending on the squad members, you might need to bring more than one equipment. In this scenario, the Lodge 10-inch Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven comes in that can save you from these troubles.

This portable camp stove is an all-in-one camping cooking gear. It can simultaneously fry, stew, and griddle during cooking. The outer cast iron can easily withstand the high temperature and can be hung by the steel handle. Even, you can put the oven on the top of the stove.

It holds the hot piece of coals using the flanged lid and inverts using the griddle. There are integral legs that keep the balance of the oven on the hot coals. Due to the thick iron layer, you can use it to simmer a stew or sear a steak by changing the temperature accordingly.

Cooler: Otterbox Venture 45

best camping cooking gear

In the absence of a cooler, the camping might not be up to mark as you would expect. When it comes to choosing car camping over backpacking, food is the main factor to look for. The Otterbox Venture 45 cooler is one of the best camping cooking gear that you’ll need while car camping.

One can easily carry it by holding the giant, sturdy handles. It is a bit heavy due to having a great amount of ice-protecting insulation. This helps to keep ice for up to 14 days without any kind of interruption. There are mounting points on both sides that allow you to carry cup-holders, bottle openers and waterproof boxes for electronic devices.

It has a slanted interior bottom and for the slight angle, it is easy to drain. It has an external dimension of 31.39″ L x 18.76″ W x 18.83″ H. And, the internal dimensions on top: 19.30″ L x 11.67″ W x 13.30″ H. Internal dimensions on bottom is of 18.10″L x 10.60″W x 13.30″H.

Capacity on the inside is exactly 45 quarts (52 lbs of bagged ice, 25 12-ounce cans, 48 juice boxes). You can add the vertical dividers and organize the food inside as you want.

Coffee: Snowpeak Field Barista Set

best camping cooking gear

Well, breakfast is never complete without getting a cup of hot coffee and while, camping it becomes quite essential. Among the camping cooking gear, the best choice for the coffee lovers is the Snowpeak Field Barista Set. With its glossy steel and titanium outer cover, this coffee set is undoubtedly an important adventure companion.

In the Field Barista Set, we can find a stainless steel kettle that will contain the adventure fuel you’ll need during camping. Not just the kettle, there is an adjustable ceramic burr coffee grinder along with a six-piece pour-over brewer.

Each has its own cotton bag that stores the coffee during the preparation process. The Barista Set includes a 450 ml double-walled titanium mug and it has a lid to keep the temperature high for a long time.

Knives: GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife Set

best camping cooking gear

A knife is one of the significant tools that can be easily found in any kitchen. Well, for outdoor camping, one will also need to carry knives and other tools. GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife Set makes the job easy for you.

This set of knives is perfect for camping or backyard cooking. The Santoku knives are very compact and made of stainless steel that is appropriate for any kitchen prep. It comes with protecting sheaths that make it safe to handle. The handles are also ergonomic and rubbery which provide a good grip.

Mostly, the set includes a 4-inch paring knife, 6-inch Santoku knife, and 6-inch serrated knife. It becomes quite easy to slice, mince and dice vegetables using such knives. There is also a folding cutting board that you’ll get with this knife set.

The cutting board has a meat and veggie icon on the opposite sides to keep things clean after a long day of camping. Moreover, it has quick-drying, microfiber cleaning cloth that has a soft, non-abrasive side for delicate items and a rough, scouring side for scrubbing.

Stove: MSR WhisperLite Universal

best camping cooking gear

Despite being lighter than the Everest stove, the MSR WhisperLite Universal isn’t the lightest stove available in the market. But being flexible and adaptable, it can outrun the other similar camping cooking gear. You can simply place it on the ground without any fuel canister.

This stove runs on a hybrid fuel consisting of canister fuel, white gas, kerosene, and unleaded gasoline. And, it helps to provide a low-fuel performance with a consistent output for life of each canister. This aluminum mixer tube comes with stable steel legs which maintain it balance properly on the ground.

For preparing the food within a short time, this small and easy-to-use stove will be the best option while camping. By swapping a few parts, you’ll get a liquid fuel stove having a fuel container that works sufficiently in cold weathers.

Andrew James Electric BBQ

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Nowadays, open fire is not allowed on various campsites and hence it is not possible to barbeque using charcoal. As a replacement, these sites generally give permission of using electric barbecue maker while camping. Thus, Andrew James Electric BBQ is all you need to get on rolling with the barbeques.

This is a portable cooking gear that comes with a flexible stand. If you want, you can leave the stand behind and only carry the oven to the campsite. Just by plugging the power connector to the supply, you’ll get the heat you need to cook those barbecues. You can control the temperature as you wish which heats up the metal plate.

It makes outdoor grilling very comfortable and it is also easy to maintain. You can clean it by lifting the plates and clear the fats that are stored in the reservoir underneath.

Primus Onja Duo Stove

camping cooking essentials

This is one of the most compact two-burner stoves that you can easily carry to the campsite. The Primus Onja Duo Stove is a compact, 2-burner stove that definitely sits in the basecamp category as it’s 3.26 kg means only the strong will be carrying it anywhere other than to a beach bbq or campsite cooking.

You can strip away the lovely Oak chopping board and the fabric side panels to bring the weight down to 2.6kg. It is, however, a great compact design that will take up far less room than a traditional double burner when car boot space is at a premium.

The stove also takes 100g and 450g canisters and it’s great as there is no need to drive any distance to fill an empty Propane bottle as most outdoor stores across the world now stock the screw on type of gas canister. So, the Primus Onja Duo Stove is super convenient as far as fuelling it is concerned.

It is needless to say that this duo stove is a lovely looking piece of Swedish design and it will definitely appeal to those who are looking for a compact and stylish cooking stove for beach parties, picnics, and campsite cooking.

Pots: MSR Ceramic Two-Pot Set

camping cooking essentials

We know that Titanium is suitable for boiling water but it also causes some problems like hot spots and it fails to keep the water warm for too long. To avoid such issues, you can get the MSR Ceramic Two-Pot Set. This set weighs 12 oz and consists of two pots of 1.5 liter and 2.5 liter capacities.

Thanks to the premium ceramic nonstick surface, you can enjoy the cooking experience as you do at home. It is strong and has room for storing mugs, plates that save space in your backpack.

Apart from the two containers, there is an aluminum strainer lid and a Talon pot handle.

Knife: Leatherman Skeletool CX

camping cooking essentials

You might lack space in your backpack to carry multiple kitchen knives while you’re going camping. Hence, we would prefer using the multi-tool Leatherman Skeletool CX which will require a little space in the backpack. This 7.5 oz equipment brings many kinds of cutting tools like pliers, wire cutters, a full-size knife, multiple screwdriver bits etc.

Not only knives, but it also consists of other things like safety whistle, ferrocerium rod, diamond sharpener etc. It is made up of 420HC stainless steel along with DLC coating. The Skeletool CX has a blade length of 2.73-inch and closed length of 4.5-inch.

It can also be useful while opening the bottles as it comes with a bottle opener. So, this is quite handy and one of the best camping cooking gear that you might need.

Joseph Joseph Nest Storage

camping cooking essentials

When you’re camping outdoors, you need to make sure that the foods are placed in a fresh environment that is dry and safe from bugs. Thus, the best thing you can get is a plastic container. But why use boring old storage containers? You can go for Joseph Joseph Nest Storage containers that have classy designs.

These containers save space and come with an attractive color-coding to match lids with same sized bases. The boxes are airtight and the 6-piece set contains storage from 230ml to 4.5 liters. Also, 4, 5 or 12-piece set of containers are available in the market.

Minipresso Coffee maker

camping cooking essentials

This is a compact and lightweight espresso machine that can be quite handy while camping or traveling outside. It also works in the same way as the traditional espresso machine. After loading and pressing the lever, you’ll get the finest coffee in no time.

Depending on the grinds you use, it is good for a light single espresso shot or if you reuse the same grinds and purge three capfuls of water through the filter, you’ll get a full cup of coffee. Works great without lugging a glass press around in your backpacking or camp gear.

The Minipresso Coffee maker doesn’t need compressed air or N2O cartridges to work and you can also make coffee while there is no electric connection.

Coffee: MSR MugMate

camping cooking essentials

The MSR MugMate coffee and tea filter is the best replacement of soggy paper filters that you need while making coffee or tea. When you’re backpacking, the full Barista set may not work because it can’t store the caffeine. Thus, the MugMate will become handy in this situation.

You can store the coffee or tea in a tiny mesh cup. Pour water in the mug and add it to the ground or leaves. In case of a stronger brew, you can add the grounds to a pot of boiled water and stir it further.

Drayton Kitchen Table

camping cooking essentials

When you’ve gone camping for a number of days, you’ll need a stable surface for different tasks like preparing food, placing stove, saucepans, and gas etc. This problem can be effectively solved by the Drayton Kitchen Table.

It has a large vented cupboard that can divide into three shelves. All the shelves consist of a solid base to hold the weight properly. Along with that, there is an integrated washbasin and supporting racks to hold cleaning items.

Impressively put together and sets up easily and is sturdy, durable and functional once up. Easy to pack away and store. It is ideal for family camping where you’ll be in one place longer than a few days as you can store much of your food/catering equipment within it.

Stanley Adventure Cook Set

camping cooking gear

When it comes to camping cooking, you can surely rely on Stanley for making a myriad of versatile yet reliable products. One of the best is Stanley Adventure Cook Set which is basically made up of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.

Straight out of the box, this set is quite impressive at doing its job. Each cooking set includes a ladle, spatula, and a folding cutting board. Now, coming to the storage part, there are a couple of 20 oz bowls and lids in the set. Along with that, two pots of 1.5 liter and 2.5 liter capacities are also present in the set.

This cooking set is durable and doesn’t need a lot of space in your backpack. It gets easy to cook a gourmet meal using this cooking gear on outdoor camping.

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker- (Special Mention!)

camping cooking gear

If you want to fix a home-cooked meal in the wilderness, then GSI Pinnacle is just the thing for you. The GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker is best for car camping and great for cooking due to its non-stick coating.

The Teflon coating makes it strong enough to resist hot spots and more difficult conditions. In this gear set, you’ll get a 2-liter pot, 8-inch pan, 2 insulated mugs, and 2 eating bowls. Apart from all these, a nylon colander, a couple of sip-through lids and a folding pot handle are there for you.

This might be a little heavy for backpacking with two people, but you can divide the set between each person’s backpack. The added advantage is that the entire collection can easily fit in a waterproof sack.

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