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Camping pillow is an absolute necessity for sleeping comfortably during camping. People usually go out on a camp for a quick escape from their busy day-to-day schedules and for providing an overall relaxation to the body, mind and soul. Studies say that going out on a camp not only allows the body to reset its circadian rhythm but also makes them more active. But while camping, it is important that you spend your night peacefully after a long day of dragging yourselves in exhaustion. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the comfort of the weekend campaign or trip.

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, you can’t forget to carry with you a pillow. It will provide you the support in your sleeping position during the rest of your camping. So, it’s worth making the investment. Unfortunately, the full-size pillows are tough to carry on a campaign because they are cumbersome whereas, the best camping pillow can be much more convenient.

Best Compressible Camping Pillows

Have a look at the following list and then take your best pick

1. Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow

best camping pillow

The Therm-A-Rest is a well-sized compressible pillow which hits the target mark for the best camping pillow. On the outside, this pillow is crafted with durable and brushed polyester, while, on the inside, it is made up of an ultra-soft urethane foam filling.

Available in various sizes, the users may make choices while purchasing pillow based on their head size. It is easily expandable up to 4 inches, which makes it more comfortable and ideal for sound sleep. Additionally, the Therm-A-Rest is an ultra compressible pillow and is available in various colors. While exploring the outdoors, you can select a tad color coordination also.

Though this pillow is not much portable but when not used, it can be packed into a tiny size. But with so many advantages, it also has a disadvantage that you should follow the instructions while washing it. Otherwise, the pillow will become thinner.

2. Sierra Designs DriDown Pillow

inflatable camping pillow

One of the most versatile camp pillows available in the market is the Sierra Designs DriDown Pillow. Built of a polyester ripstop material, it is a perfect fit for what your spine needs. Even, this pillow is designed in a way to provide contour support to the user’s neck and head. Its craft, material and weight make it an all-rounder cam pillow. Besides this, as Sierra Designs promises a lifetime warranty for its products, this has become an ideal choice for the luxury backpackers and the car campers. But this pillow does not deflate. Thus, it requires plenty of space for packing.

3. Kelty Luxury Pillow

best inflatable camping pillow

The Kelty Luxury Pillow is the best pick for those who are looking for the best camping pillow on the budget. Though this pillow does not pack down small, it’s quite suitable for front and side sleepers. With dual-insulation design features, this pillow has the tendency to flatten overnight. As this is made up of ripstop polyester fabric, it offers maximum loft and support.

Now, the following are some of the best inflatable camping pillows:

4. Sea to Summit Camping Pillow

best camping pillow

This is a portable pillow with an ergonomic design. Thus, it provides support to the head without stiffening your neck. Being tailored with a contoured shape and multifunctional valve texture, this inflatable pillow provides more comfort to its users.

It is crafted in a polyester knitted fabric, thus drives away the dampness while sleeping. Besides, as this pillow is filled up with synthetic fiber, it offers optimum comfort and excellent neck support.

Furthermore, the scalloped bottom edge of the pillow is designed to provide quality support to the side and back sleepers. Being compact in size, this pillow is specifically made for travelers and campers.

Despite these advantages, there are some minor disadvantages also. This product also has air leaks and is comparatively expensive, when compared to other self-inflatable pillows.

5. Teton Sports Camp Pillow

best camping pillow

When it comes to buying a comfortable inflatable camping pillow, then Teton Sports camp pillow is a favorite among the users. This is a light, compressible and comfortable pillow with SuperLoft Elite 4-channel fiberfill.

As this pillow weighs only 0.8 pounds, it is perfect for camping, trekking and hiking. It can be easily squeezed and compressed. So, it is quite easy to carry out in the outdoors.

Its fiberfill is made up of 100% brushed poly-flannel material; therefore, it can retain heat well. Even after washing this pillow frequently, its filing stays fluffy and soft like before.

Its accessories include the drawstring bag and extremely soft washable pillowcase. Its patterns and colors complement the colors of their sleeping bags. This pillow comes with a single disadvantage that it is relatively small in size and thus suits fewer head sizes.


best camping pillow

The ONWEGO camping pillow is a dense, foamy pillow that comes with an ultralight packable design and self-contained stuff sack case. It features a Soft-Top fabric cover with polyester batting for providing ultimate comfort to the users. Along with this, it also has a contoured center to cradle your head and neckline and thus offers ease of mind.

Its unique and adaptable safety air lock valve allows you to inflate or deflate the pillow as per your desired firmness. Being quite durable and soft, it becomes the ultimate choice for those who have planned to camp for the weekend.

This smooth pillow comes with a removable cover that can be easily washed with mild soap and water. It is available in a variety of colors including blue, red, and yellow. So, it is easy to pick the color of your choice. Another noteworthy feature which makes it popular is its user-friendly design.

7. Fitness Insanity Ultra Light Inflating Camping Pillow

best camping pillow

Another popular choice among the inflatable camp pillows is the Fitness Insanity Ultra. It can be expanded from a mere 5 x 2 inches to 19 x 12 inches and can be easily inflated with just 3 to 5 breaths.

Designed with improved ergonomic design and enhanced neck support, it is ideal for side and stomach sleepers. As it is constructed from highly durable elastic TPU fabric, it is more durable than ever and simultaneously boasts water resistance. With its convenient quick-deflate feature and ease of use, it becomes the perfect travel companion.

Its wide U-shape is perfect to hold your head and its adjustable features for various sleep positions make it overall a great choice. When fully inflated, it gets 5 inches in the loft, which makes it best for back and side sleepers.

This pillow comes with a 100% lifetime guaranteed satisfaction. Due to its lightweight design and small size, it is ideal for trip-goers and backpackers.

8. Chillax Ultra Light Camping Pillow

Ultra Light Camping Pillow

Being compact in size, about 5×2 inch and weighing 2.8 ounces, the Chillax Ultra Light is the perfect backpacking choice. It is fully adjustable and easily expandable to 14 x 12 inches. Furthermore, it is quite comforting to use as it needs only 3 to 5 breathes to inflate and comes with an easy decompression button.

It is crafted with strong, durable, water-resistant, elastic TPU fabric and its back has a non-slip surface. Its top is so soft that it gives a velvety feel to your skin. Apart from these, it comes with a Sleeping Mask, sleep aid and eye relaxer. All these are made up of super-soft, super-smooth and 100% top-quality silk for providing breathable as well as cool relaxation.

With a slight U-shape, it ensures the best neck and head support for back, side and stomach sleepers. Apart from that, when in a seated position, it can be serve as lumbar support. Due to its incredibly compact size and improved ergonomic design, it is best for side and back sleepers. Overall, it is the most compact and ultralight inflatable camping pillow available in the market with enhanced comfort and durability.

9. REDCAMP Outdoor camping pillow

Outdoor camping pillow

This ultra-light outdoor camp pillow weights only 0.70 lbs, Thus, it can be easily backpacked with a storage bag. This pillow is very lightweight and designed specifically for providing comfort in all types of camping.

This travel pillow is made of non-woven fabric and spun cotton and is extra soft. This pillow is one of the largest available at this weight and is easily expandable to 20×12 inches. It can be easily compressed down to its own stuff sack; thus, it is best for easy transportation.

Also, its soft, cotton flannel casing and pillowslip are removable and machine washable. This makes it a more convenient choice for campers. Its pillowcases match the REDCAMP sleeping bag. With small compression features, it can be simply attached to your bag and can be tossed into your gear.

Though it is a bit soft for side sleepers, yet is a perfect choice for back and stomach sleepers. No matter what your camping preference is, it is a comfortable choice for many campers.

10. Cozy Hut Camp Pillow

Camping Pillow

The Cozy Hut Camp Pillow is made with a soft and conforming memory foam. This pillow is extremely adjustable as it can be expanded up to 16.5 x 8 inches, while can be compressed to 5 x 8 inches for fitting perfectly in its stuff sack. It is an incredibly lightweight pillow with only 1 lb in weight. In order to make your sleep a more comfortable one, it is contoured to offer you with variable lofts. Additionally, it comes with a thin inner cover which is top-covered with a soft velour cover. Both are machine washable. An advanced benefit of this is that it helps in increasing the airflow and at the same time, protects your foam from moisture. Due to its shape and conforming properties, it makes your sleep more comfortable by providing the best neck support for back and side sleepers.

When in use, it rolls up but does not flatten up that easily. Though it is good for traveling and camping purposes, when hiking and packing are considered, it is not so compact and lightweight as compared to the other options.

11. Coop Home Goods Camping Pillow With Bamboo Cover

Camping Pillow With Bamboo Cover

The Coop Home Goods Camp Pillow is a great choice for many because of its 100% adjustable features. It comes in almost a full standard sized pillow with 19x 14 inches and it can be easily compressed down to 10 x 6 inches, which makes it perfectly fit into a stuff sack. When comfort is the priority, this pillow becomes a perfect choice as it weighs only 32 ounces. Its bamboo cover is naturally antimicrobial and highly breathable. Another advantage of this pillow is that it can be washed entirely as its contouring memory foam can be removed and added as per the needs. Moreover, when any sleeping position on a camping trip is considered, Coop Home Goods Camping Pillow with bamboo cover is worth its price.

Whenever you plan a trip or camping outdoors for the weekend, it is essential that you stay in a convenient environment. By reading out this article, I hope that you will get complete details on the features of several popular brands of camp pillows and it will decrease your level of exhaustion of making the best purchase.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Camping Pillow

When camp pillows are considered, it ranges from inexpensive inflatable plastic bubbles to microfleece-lined insulated sleeping companions. More or less, the traits and functionalities of all of them are common, but it’s difficult to make a choice among the hundreds of different brands available in the market. In order to help you choose the best camping pillow, I have out listed some popular ones.

If you are looking for the most comfortable camp pillow, you need to focus on several important factors such as the comfort it provides, its adjustable support and its ease of use. Consider the listed below factors to make a wiser choice.

1. Size and Shape

If you are looking for the best camping pillow, then undoubtedly the pillow’s shape and size matter. It should be as per your comfort level and it varies based on the suitability of the user. Before choosing, you need to make sure that it offers you with quality head and neck support as per your head’s size.

2. Material

One of the most significant features of an ideal camping pillow is that they are created with durable material. It’s better to select breathable materials for your pillows as it will increase the airflow and make it more comfortable for you. So, while purchasing a camp pillow, it’s wise to invest more in the quality material instead of the low-cost fabric.

3. Weight

The weight of your camping pillow should be as per your pack downsize. The lighter the pillow’s weight will be, the more comfortable it will be to carry around. So, if you need a good night’s sleep and a bit of extra comfort, then carry a lightweight pillow.

4. Support

You should choose that pillow which provides adaptable head and neck support so that when you wake up, you do not have any muscle pain. It also depends a lot on your sleeping position. Like if you turn a lot while sleeping, then you need a firmer pillow than what is required for a side sleeper.

5. Your Camping Packs’ Size

The packaging matters a lot especially when you are out camping. So, seek a pillow as per your camping packs’ desirable size.

6. User Friendliness

It is important that while you are on a trip, you must carry those products that are user-friendly so that you don’t find any trouble with it. So, choose a product which you have been using at your home or which you have used previously and are comfortable with. Comfort has more to do with a personal choice.

7. Warranty period

Of course, no one wants to rely on a faulty product. So, before you make a purchase, make sure that your camping pillow has excellent warranty offers.

On the basis of the above factors, I have analyzed and verified several models of camp pillows. You can read out this article to find out which is more suitable for you as per your preferences and which actually works best for your specific needs.

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