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Camping water filters are among the essential products for every camping enthusiast. This is because all of us are extremely cautious about health and hygiene in recent times. When it comes to health and hygiene, clean water is a must. Water is one of the fundamental reservoirs of disease and as such it goes without saying that you must avail utmost safety measures and ensure that the water we consume is clean and hygienic enough.

And when it comes to camping, you need to ensure the safety and security of the teammates all the more. The need for a camping water filter is, therefore, all the more crucial. This is because when you step out for camping, you generally do not get safe and potable water in the mountainous and hilly areas. Or for that matter, if you go out for camping on forest areas, it is inevitable that you will not get safe drinking water. Therefore, you certainly need to have a camping water purifier with you.

So, you must look for the best camping water filters designed with the most advanced filtering mechanisms for camping purposes. If you are looking for the same, we are here to help you. Keeping the need for camping water filters in mind, we picked up the 12 most effective top-quality camping filters that you can consider buying. So, without further ado, let’s check them out one by one.

Detailed Review Of The Top 12 Camping Water Filters Of 2019

Go through this section and then decide upon the best one for your next camping trip:

Platypus Gravity Works

best camping water filter

Platypus Gravity Works is a four-liter water filter. The weight of the water filter is even lesser than 11 ounces. Platypus Gravity Works filters your water in not more than 3 minutes. The water filter is designed with top-quality features and advanced filtering mechanisms. The filter has a  zip that enables it to filtrate as well accumulate the water most effectively. And the best thing about the filter under question is that you do not need to use any extra filtering tool with it.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best water filter for you. So, just in case you wish to purchase the product, here are the product specifications.

Product Specification

  • Filter type: Gravity

  • Removal: Bacteria as well as protozoa

  • Filter output: 1.5 liters per minute

  • Dimensions: Filter: 3 x 7.4 / reservoirs: 19 x 8/13.5 x 7.5 inches

  • Weight: 10.9 ounces

Now, let us look into some of the most common Merits And  Demerits of Platypus Gravity Works filters.d


  • Platypus Gravity Works is extremely handy as a product which is easy to carry
  • The filter is designed with advanced technologies and filters water pretty fast.
  • The third biggest advantage of the filter is that you do not need to pump it at all for the purpose of cleansing.
  • The filter has a good design
  • The biggest advantage of the filter is that it is not just easy to carry but also durable


  • One of the greatest disadvantages of the product is that it breaks too easily
  • Another demerit of Platypus Gravity Works is that you will not be able to use the filter in freezing temperature.
  • The filter is relatively more expensive and to an extent beyond the affordability of some commoners.

Katadyn Pocket

best camping water filter

Katadyn Pocket is one of the most reliable camping water filters. You can easily consider buying the product for a group of 4-5 campers. These filters are immune to bacteria and what makes them so is the ceramic element of the filter. The silver ceramic element of the filter actively reacts against all the protozoa as well as bacteria. Besides, the cartridge can filter up to around 13,000 gallons of water.

On the whole, Katadyn Pocket is an ideal product for you in case you are looking for a camping filter for a group of around 3-4 campers. For more detailed knowledge about the filter, let us look into the product specifications:

Product Specification

  • Filter Capacity: 50,000L ; 13,000 gal.

  • Filter output : L/min; (gal): ~ 1 quart/min

  • Technology:  Pre-filter 130µ;

  • Weight : 550g; 20oz.


  • One of the biggest advantages of the product is that the filter has a low weight.
  • This has been technically possible due to the fact that the filter does not carry much water during the time of their supplies.
  • You just need to keep them near a conventional source of water such as a pond or a lake.
  • The product is extremely durable and contains upto 13000 gallons of water. Besides, these water filters are extremely easy to carry. Moreover, these products have a great brand value.


  • One of the biggest demerits of the product is that it requires a conventional water source.
  • The second knock on this filter is that it requires manual pumping. Also, the product design is pretty delicate and therefore can easily get damaged.

On the whole, therefore, you may find the product beneficial to you, provided you manage to ignore the shortcomings.

Survivor Filter Pro

best backpacking water filter

The third on our list of the best camping water filter is the Survivor Filter Pro. This water filter is among the most sought-after products. This is because the filter is compact as well as small and therefore pretty convenient for carrying. Besides, the filter eliminates all the infections by means of effective and advanced water filtration. It has an inbuilt pumping system that can purify up to 10,000 gallons of water or even greater. For detailed insight, you may check out the following specifications

Product Specifications

  • Removal:  99.999%

  • Weight: 12.8 ounces

  • Filtration level: 0.01 Microns

  • Filter  capacity: (26,417 gallons)

  • Filter technology: Triple Filtration Technology


  • High filtration capacity
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Filtrates all the infectious germs.
  • Freshwater supply


  • The filter is extremely large for individual packing
  • It  is not possible to keep the filter at the freezing point
  • Poor pumping quality

To sum up, the filter can be a good choice for a group of around 5-6  campers.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter System

best backpacking water filter

This is indeed the most effective and compact of all the filters discussed so far. And as such, you can always consider buying it for camping purposes. The filter can annihilate 99.9% of fungus, virus as well as bacteria present in the water. Let us now look into the product specifications

Product specifications

  • Removal: protozoa, E. coli, Giardia, Vibrio

  • Filter compatibility: straw, pouch, Water bottles, inline

  • Material: fiber


  • The product is highly durable and is capable of filtering up to 10,000 gallons of water per day.
  • The filter is also very reliable. It is devised with a u-shaped hollow fiber which enables the filter to clean all the contaminants effectively.
  • The filter is extremely convenient to carry for camping purposes. Besides, the filtering technique is easy and that’s an added advantage.
  • The cherry on the top is that the adapter of the filter is versatile and small and therefore, you can attach the filter with a water bottle.


  • Not so effective at filtering minute particles.
  • The filter is not ideal for large quantities of water
  • A little too expensive and thus may get beyond the budget of the commoners.

As for our final verdict, Sawyer Mini Water Filter System definitely deserves the best buy if you are looking for compact and concise water filter with optimum filtration capacity.

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

backpacking water filter

The fifth in our list is the Katadyn Vario Water Filter. This is one of the best water filters that we can recommend to you. It is designed with the most advanced filtration technologies and therefore ensures utmost security as far as the water purification is concerned. The icing on the cake is that you can easily accommodate the filter in varying weather conditions. Besides, the filter is easily portable with optimal durability. Cited below are the product specifications that you may look into before purchasing

Product Specifications

  • Filter dimension: 7 inch

  • Diameter: 4 inch

  • Technology: 2-micron glass fiber

  • Weight(oz): 15

Below are some of the pros and cons of the product that you must consider:


  • The filter is extremely effective in disinfecting microorganisms
  • The filtered water is good for consumption
  • It removes the germs and contaminants easily. The filter is designed with a glass filter which eliminates the pollutants.
  • Another big advantage of the filter is that you can also use it for purifying cloudy water as well.
  • The filter has an Ultra backpack filter that enables the water filter to filtrate up to around 150 microns. The ultra filter also enhances the overall quality of water purification.
  • Katadyn Vario Water Filter is built with dual piston technology that optimizes the quality of water filtration. And apart from that, the filter is extremely easy to carry because of its small size.


  • One of the greatest deterrents of the filter under question is that it is extremely weighty and therefore might be difficult to carry.
  • The filter is not that easy to clean as it is constructed with too many mechanisms. Most naturally, it has multiple parts and therefore, the task of cleaning becomes difficult. Moreover, the servicing facilities are not good enough.

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

best water purifying drops

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops is actually the name of the method which can be used to terminate all the bacteria and fungus present in water. The filter enables you to check the quality of the water that you are drinking and detects contaminated water. Therefore, the filter is definitely one of the most reliable water purifiers for use in camping. Underneath are the key product specifications.

Product Specifications

  • Removal: Bacteria, virus, fungus etc.

  • Filter capacity: Filters up to around 30 gallons of water

  • Product manufacture: USA

  • No Aftertaste

  • PA Reg. No. 71766-1

We shall now look into the major pros and cons of the product.


  • The filter functions effectively and terminates all the germs and bacteria from the water.
  • The filter is essentially cost-effective as well as lightweight. Therefore, it is easily portable.
  • The filter is also easy to carry. It is so small in size that it fits in well for camping purposes.
  • When it comes to the efficiency, this filter tops the list. Besides, the filter is designed in such a way that it can filtrate up to 2 gallons of water by means of 2 ounces of chlorine.


  • The biggest demerit of the product is that the containers of the filter often leak out.
  • Also, the filter is pretty expensive.
  • The filter often gets easily damaged.

So, if you are looking for one of the most advanced camping water filters, then Aquamira Water Treatment Drops should certainly be in your list of favorites.

SteriPen Ultra Classic Water Purifier

best camping water filter

This filter is proactive in killing the microorganisms and bacteria present in the water. This is possible as the filter makes use of ultraviolet rays in order to ensure that the germs are demolished from the root. The filter indeed makes use of the best UV water purifier technique in order to assure the optimal quality of the drinking water.

The filter is certainly the best camping water purifier when it it comes to cleaning muddy as well as cloudy water. It filters the water with such an efficiency that it can effectively filter the muddy water into clean drinking water.

Key Product Specifications

  • Type: Ultraviolet

  • Medium: Ultraviolet light

  • Removal: Protozoa, virus, and bacteria

  • Filter output: 32 fl. oz. per 90 sec.

  • Filter dimension : 7.3 x 1.6 x 1.3 inches

  • Weightage: 4.94 ounces


  • Advanced filtering technology
  • Portable
  • Convenient for use
  • Uses Detectable Sensor


  • Considerable shortage of capacity
  • Poor battery life
  • Delicate for use

To sum up, this filter is one of the best camping water filters that is designed with the most advanced filtering technologies. Therefore, if you are looking for the most upgraded camping water filter, then there is no better option for you.

MSR Guardian Purifier

best camping water filter

MSR Guardian Purifier is certainly one of the most effective and top-rated water purifiers that you can use in any weather and is suited for any given condition. If you are going out camping, you may need to travel under difficult conditions. The water filter has an impressive flow of water and is extremely profitable if you are using it in areas where there is a scarcity of water. Let us now look into the product specifications in order to gain a better view of the product.

Product Specifications

  • Type of the purifier: Pump

  • Use: Camping purposes

  • Pumping force: 4 pounds

  • Filter output: 2.5 liters per minute

  • Technology: Advanced medical grade hollow fibers

  • Removal: Virus and bacteria

  • Weight: 1 lb. 1.3 oz.


  • It is undoubtedly the most protective of all the filters and functions both as a purifier as well as a filter.
  • Moreover, the filter is essentially convenient for you if you wish to carry it to hilly regions.
  • The filter weighs only around 17 ounces and therefore, you can easily carry it.
  • Another great merit of the filter is that the pump operates really fast. Moreover, the pumping procedure is not quite easy.


  • One of the major demerits is that the filter is a bit expensive.
  • The second major deterrent is that the filter is weighty and therefore, you might run into a problem trying to carry it from one place to the other. Moreover, it is difficult to carry water from the non-flowing sources.

To sum up, it deserves to be one of the best buys if you are looking for an effective and sustainable water purifier for camping purposes.

MSR TrailShot Water Filter

camping water filter

MSR TrailShot Water Filter is one of the most sought-after water filters among the customers wishing to purchase a camping filter. The filter is convenient for use as it is constructed with materials that are less weighty. It is also featured with the most efficient pumping system. This is also best if you are going outdoor camping. Let us now check out the product specifications.

Product specifications

The major pros and cons of the product are as under:


  • Easy to carry
  • Fits conveniently
  • Advanced design
  • Enhanced hydration capabilities
  • Great  water flow


  • Lack of carbon filter
  • Expensive
  • Less durability

Therefore, it goes without saying that the product should be topping the list of your favorites.

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter

camping water filter

If you are looking for an ideal camping water filter, then we have yet another alternative filter to recommend. Katadyn Hiker Pro should be up for grabs if you are looking for a water filter for multiple-day camping. It is also a pumping filter that eliminates all the bacteria and fungus present in the water.


  • The filter offers you clean water and can effectively filter up to 150 microns. Therefore, it offers you hygienic and clean water by means of removing all the pollutants.
  • The filter is designed with ABS plastic and is, therefore, the most ideal for you if you intend to go camping with a lot of people.
  • Besides, the filter is constructed with top-build technologies and advanced filtering mechanisms for filtering purposes.
  • The filter is not only designed with advanced technologies, but it also adopts advanced methods for the process of filtration. The filter is known to use activated carbon in order to eliminate the bad smell.


  • One of the major demerits of this water filter is that it is only effective in areas which have shallow water.
  • Another major deterrent is that it has a pumping system and therefore, it is not so handy. It is rather a difficult product to carry.

LifeStraw LSPHF017 Camping Water Filter

camping water filter

The next in line is one of the topmost camping water filters, LifeStraw LSPHF017. This filter certainly deserves the best buy and is among the top-rated models till date. The water filter is featured with an advanced and integrated design that filters and purifies water by means of the most advanced technologies. The filter is capable of providing 792 gallons of safe and purified water. The advanced inbuilt technologies of the water filter eliminate all the bacteria and virus and provide safe drinking water free from chemicals. Besides, the filter can eliminate 99% of the bacteria as well as virus and protozoa present in the water.

In order to derive a better idea about the product, you may check out the following product specifications:

Product Specifications:

  • Filter capacity: Filters up to 792 gallons

  • Removal: 99.9999% of protozoa and bacteria like Vibrio cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, and Campylobacter

  • Storage: Indefinite storage even after usage

  • Best use: Camping, travel, backpacking, and hiking


  • The product is extremely durable
  • The filter is essentially  easy to carry
  • Also, the filter is one of the cheapest camping water filters till date


  • LifeStraw LSPHF017 only needs a bit of suction because in case you plan to go out to hilly areas, then at higher altitudes, the filter might get winded due to poor suction power.
  • The most popular model till date.
  • This water filter is one of the most sought-after and is also acclaimed as the most popular model among the recent camping water filters. This is because of the smart and integrated design and advanced technology of the filter.

As for our final take, this product certainly deserves the award of the best seller. It is designed with highly advanced and precision-core water filtration technologies that filtrate up to 792 gallons of water. Thus, if you are looking for a sustainable and safe camping water filter, you can always check out this product without further delay.

LifeStraw Family 1.0 Camping Water Filter

camping water filter

LifeStraw Family 1.0 is undeniably your best choice in case you wish to go out camping. The filter is up for grabs among the travelers due to its optimized filtering techniques. The filter is among the most trusted among users due to its advanced filtering mechanisms. The model under question makes use of gravity filters. Besides, the filtering procedure is also pretty simple and user-friendly.

To speak about the efficiency of the filter, the model is definitely among the best. The filter is capable of removing around 99.99% of virus, bacteria and other pollutants that intoxicate the water. The icing on the cake is that the filter is easy to carry because it is built with lightweight materials. Besides, it is small and compact and fits into the travel kit pretty easily. Additionally, the filter filtrates around 12 liters, that is to say, 3.17 gallons of water per hour. So, if you are planning to go out camping with your friends or family, then this one is certainly one of the best choices for you.

Product Specifications

  • Filter capacity: 18,000 liters of EPA-quality water

  • Removal: 99.9999% of bacteria, parasites, and other pollutants

  • Material: durable plastic

  • Filter technology: hollow fiber


  • The filter has optimum filtering capacity
  • Advanced filtering technology
  • Superior product design
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Product parts often go missing

On the whole, the product is optimum for a group of 4-5 members. But in case your’s is a large group, then you may have to consider a better alternative. Apart from the minor defects, the product is largely beneficial and can be used satisfactorily for camping purposes.

Bottom Line

Above, we have outlined a detailed review of the 12 best camping water filters. Each of these products is unique on its own due credit. Featured with the most advanced, integrated and precision core filtering technologies, each of these filters deserves the cake of the best buy. The cherry on the top is that each of these products has a distinctive brand value and therefore, you can easily rely on them.

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