Tent with screen room

What is a tent with screen room?

A tent with with a screen room is a great tool to enhance the storage space and privacy. Tents with screen rooms have additional sections that increases their stability. This gives them a higher integrity in their structure than ordinary tents.  It also increases the interior space of the tent. More people can fit in a tent with screen room than in an ordinary tents. The additional room is can also be used as a lounge area. It also comes in handy when the user requires protection from bugs, rain, or high winds. So it is a wise choice to buy a tent with screen room rather than a separate screen room. Also, they have better weather protection than ordinary tents. They are rapidly becoming the favored choice among campers.


Features to consider in a screen room tent

Before buying a tent with screen room, you should consider the following features in it:-


The material that the camping tents are made of is a decisive  factor in their performance. So when picking a screen room tent for yourself, you should consider its material. You should ideally pick one made of a material with a good waterproofing quality. Tents made of polyguard or polyester fabric are ideal in this matter. It is very strong, lightweight, and resistant to scratches as well as stains. Its light weight makes it very easy to travel with.


You can find screen room tents of varying sizes in the market. You must choose one based on the number of people you are expecting to accommodate. If you’re going to camp  alone, a 2-room tent will be ideal. And if you are going to be with a group, you are suggested go for a larger option. There are tents in the market that can accommodate as many as 14 people. You will also find tents having room dividers. They allow you to set up two separate sleeping spaces. You are also suggested to consider the space of the screening room. You can find one with enough space to fit a chair. Or, you may find one that can fit more items in it. Another thing that you must consider is the space you’ll need for keeping your luggage. For this purpose, you are suggested to find a tent that is a size bigger than what you need. Making these considerations will help you to determine the number of adjustable rooms, the sleeping capacity, and the floor space that you need. You can find tents with an area as large as 29 square meters.


In case you’re backpacking or hiking, it is important that you consider the weight of the screen room tent. You would want to get a tent that is lightweight. That would make it easier carry for you. Also, it would be good for your back. Even though a light weight would mean that the tent is smaller. But you need not worry. There are some screen room tents that come in a big size and light weight. Some tents come with carry bags that simplify storage and enhance their portability. These carry bags would also come in handy when you are required to move around a lot.


For users of exceptional height, it is important to consider the height of the tent before buying it. It should give you enough space to stand upright inside it. Otherwise, it would be uncomfortable for you and the money you spent would be wasted. Though most screen room tents do come with a sufficient height for most users. Another thing to keep that the more height a tent has, the less suitable it is for windy weather. You are suggested to find a tent that doesn’t have too much height than you need.


UV-protection is another factor that you should consider in a tent. It would protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Not only that. It would also be safe for you to store it under sunlight. It would keep you as well as itself protected from UV damage.


All tents are not suitable for all seasons. You should ensure that the one you choose has the weatherproofing suitable to the weather conditions that you would be using it in. For use in rainy weather, you should choose one that has waterproofing. For use in sunny weather, you must choose one that has UV-protection. And so on.

7.Easy to Use

A very important factor to consider before buying a screen room tent is ease of use. You are suggested to find a screen room tent that is easy to set up and take down. That way you won’t have to spend more time setting up your tent than enjoying your adventure. Some tents come with a removable floor that provides an easy clean-up. You should also consider the portability that the tent provides. For that purpose, you are suggested to find a lightweight tent. An Instant screened porch tent will be the best for you in case you are camping alone. These come with poles that are attached to a pre-assembled frame. All you have to with this type of tent is just unfold it and put in place.


Lastly, the price of a screen room tent is another consideration that you should make. Especially since the price of a screen room tent can tell you a lot about its performance. Those that are more expensive also give a better performance. So you would find them to be definitely worth their price.


Best Screen Room Tents to Buy in 2020

There is a wide variety of brands to choose from while shopping for a screen room tent. Screen room tents come in the following main types:-

1.Dome Tents: These type of tents come with an attached screen room, also called a screen porch. They feature curved walls their headroom is relatively small. As a result, they are comparably less less comfortable than other types. But this type of design works great for strong winds and snowfall.

2.Cabin Tents: Cabinet tents are generally very livable. They are tall and feature many windows and sometimes also many doors and room. Their mesh ceilings make them suitable for hot weather. And since mesh does not preserve heat well, this cabin tents are not suitable for cold weather conditions. They are also called instant tents because of being very easy to set up. They have vertical walls and are very spacious.

3.Other Types: These include tents with screened layer of vestibule and over it a full fly cover. These can be fully or partly free-standing or non-freestanding.

      To make it easier for you to choose a suitable screen room tent, here we have a list of the best tents with screen rooms to choose from in 2020:-


1.Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best screen room

Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Features :

The 9-person Ozark Trail  instant cabin tent can accommodate between 7 to 9 people.

The stakes that come with the tent are not particularly good either.

It is very easy to use.

It is essentially a 3 season tent.

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It features a screen porch that is moderately good. Though the screen porch does not come with a floor. That means your feet would have no protection from moisture. Even though it comes with waterproofing, it does not work for heavy rainfall. It also not particularly good at withstanding strong winds. Other than that, it is well worth its price. Also, the Ozark Trail instant cabin tent provides for quick and easy setting up and taking down.  
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2.Timber Ridge 8-Person Log Cabinet Tent

Best screen room

Timber Ridge 8-Person Log Cabinet Tent

Features :

It can accommodate up to as many as 8 people.

It has a strong frame that is attached to steel poles. That makes this tent very resilient.

The screened porch is large and excellent.

Though it is quite heavy due to its steel poles. That means it is not at all suitable suitable for backpackers and hikers.

It has a great look and looks different from conventional tents.

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As the name suggests, the 8-person tent is of the cabinet type. That means you can use it in a strong windy weather condition. It is also very wide. the height of this tent is suitable for most users. You can stand and walk around while being fully upright in this tent. It has a large and spacious interior. It is suitable for car campers as long as their tent location is not very far away from their vehicle. The stakes that come with it are not particularly reliable. You are suggested to get them changed with better stakes. 
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3.Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Best screen room

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Features :

The dome tent from Coleman Evanston comes in two variants. One for 6 people and the other for 8 people. Both of them are very spacious.

It can perfectly take on heavy rainfall and strong winds.

The sewn-in flooring is perfectly waterproof and will provide your feet ample protection from moisture.

It also features a very spacious porch with screen.

Though the stakes are not particularly reliable and you are advised to get new stakes.

Unlike the other products from Coleman, it does not feature  ports to manage electrical wires.

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The dome tent from Coleman Evanston comes in two variants. One for 6 people and the other for 8 people. Both of them are very spacious. Because of its dome shape, it is very capable of withstanding rough weather conditions. The Coleman Evanston WeatherTec system that it features provides for excellent weatherproofing. Overall, it is a very good product and will enhance your outdoor adventure experience. Also, it has an easy set-up. Also, you may find this tent not so easy to take down and pack up. 
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4.Tahoe Gear Zion 9-Person Family Camping Tent and Screen Porch

Best screen room

Tahoe Gear Zion 9-Person Family Camping Tent and Screen Porch

Features :

The Tahoe Gear Zion can accommodate as many as 9 people inside it. It is perfect to be used as a family tent.

It features a large screened porch.

This model features 2 rooms.

The interior sleeping area is very spacious and suitable to serve as a lounge area .

These windows also help you get an excellent view of the scenery around you.

This product is suitable for use only in three seasons.

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It has an excellent ventilation provided by its large mesh windows. Though the flooring it features is only partial. Though it does help to keep your dirty shoes and gear out of the sleeping area. It has a comparably easy set-up. The tent might feel relatively less firm. Also, the instruction manual is not particularly helpful.
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5.Tahoe Gear Carson 14-Person Large Family Cabin Tent

Best screen room

Tahoe Gear Carson 14-Person Large Family Cabin Tent

Features :

The Tahoe Gear Carson 14 person family cabin tent is huge. It can accommodate as many as 14 people. You will find it to be perfect as a family camping tent.

It features polyethylene bindings and the fly seams are taped.

The ventilation provided by its six large windows and screened porch is superb.

The waterproofing is considerably good.

It may take you quite a long time to set this tent up due to its size.

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This tent features three rooms. They provide great privacy and convenience. What’s more incredible is that each room has doors opening to the front screened porch. The impressive screened porch which is as wide as the tent. Its large size may pose a disadvantage in windy weather condition.  You can walk completely upright in this cabin style tent. The stakes that come with it are not good. You are advised to get new stakes for this product.
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6.Nemo Wagontop 8-Person Camping Tent

Best screen room

Nemo Wagontop 8-Person Camping Tent

Features :

The Nemo Wagontop camping tent can accommodate up to as many as 8 people.

It features a large vestibule that provides additional space. moreover, you can pull back the fabric covering the vestibule.

It features 2 rooms and large screened windows and a huge door.

Though it does not feature a rainfly, but the coatings and the superior quality fabric make up for it.

This product is more expensive as compared to the others.

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The sewn-in floor comes with waterproofing. The lightweight poles are made of aluminum and are considerably strong. That makes it suitable for backpackers and hikers. You may find the instruction manual a little confusing. But its high quality and performance definitely make it worth its price. This is a good option for a small family tent.
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7.Chinook 6-Person Fiberglass Pole Tent

Best screen room

Chinook 6-Person Fiberglass Pole Tent

Features :

The fiberglass pole tent from Chinook can accommodate as many as 6 people.

It has a weight of 29 pounds and has dimensions 13ft 8in x 9ft 4in.

It has 2 rooms with two D-shaped doors. One is a sleeping room and the other is a screen room.

It gives you the feeling of being at home.

The fiberglass poles make this product lightweight.

It comes at an affordable price as well.

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Its floors are removable and heavy-duty. This makes cleaning it a breeze. With a size of 14sq ft, the front porch can easily accommodate chairs and tables. You can use one room as a sleeping room and the other as a dining or living room.  The tent also features a gear loft so that you don’t need to keep your gear on the floor. You also get storage sacks for the tent, poles, and pegs to provide you convenience in carrying it. That means it is suitable for backpackers and hikers. This model provides an easy setup. It is good for small family camping.
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8.Outbound 8-Person Dome Tent

Best screen room

Outbound 8-Person Dome Tent

Features :

The Outbound dome tent can accommodate as many as 8 people.

Moreover, it is perfect for all types of camping. With a packing weight of 18 pounds, it is suitable for backpackers and hikers.

It features fiberglass poles.

It has a great size and provides ample living space of 14 x 8 feet. Another 14 x 5 feet is added by the removable floor.

It also comes with wind-proofing.

This model has a D-shaped door for the tent and a zippered opening for the screened room.

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It provides sleeping area for 8 people. That makes it very convenient for the user to set it up and take it down. The removable floor makes cleaning up very easy for you. There are 2 rooms in this model. This model also allows you to pull back the sides and leave the porch open. It also features a front canopy and a rain fly. They keep the user well protected from the elements. You also get great ventilation provided by two windows and roof panels made of mesh. Moreover, it provides an easy setup. It is great for family camping.
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9.Core-Lighted 10-Person Tent

Best screen room

Core-Lighted 10-Person Tent

Features :

The Core-Lighted can fit as many as 10 people inside the tent.

It has dimensions 14 x 10 feet and the center has a height of 7 feet.

The battery compartment featured in this model provides for LED lighting, though it doesn’t come with 4-D batteries.

This model also features an adjustable air vent that provides an excellent ventilation system.

The hot air escapes through the mesh ceiling while the air vent brings in cool air.

You can get this 10 person tent at an affordable price.

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If you want to create two rooms, there is a room divider included in this model. It can sleep 10 people at the same time. Though it allows three brightness settings and can be turned on or off from inside as well as outside the tent. It also features a water-resistant rainfly. You can remove this rainfly to view the sky. Also, it is very easy to set up this tent since the poles are pre-attached to it. This is a 3 season tent.
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10.Gazelle Pop-up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Best screen room

Gazelle Pop-up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Features :

The Gazelle pop-up can accommodate as many as 8 people.

It has an area of 112sq ft and is 6.5ft high.

It capable of withstanding strong winds.

It has a packing weight of 47 pounds.

This model features a large entrance door, an additional D-shaped door, and 5 windows.

It features a removable floor, which provides for easy cleaning.

It has a metal hub and the poles are made of fiberglass.

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The screened room is convertible. It can be used both as a sleeping area and a living area or lounge.That makes it too heavy to be suitable for backpackers and hikers. For your convenience, it features two gear lofts that are removable. It also features 3 pouch pockets mounted on its walls and 2 large storage nets on its sides. It also features guy lines and stakes. This tent can be used in different ways. You would not have to worry about sand or dirt getting on it. The frame allows the user to pop it up and assemble it in a very short time. This would ensure that you are able to spend more of your precious time experiencing outdoor adventure. Also, it has taped seams that protect the user from rains as well as enjoy the view by removing it in dry weather.
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11.Wenzel El-Dorado 8-Person Tent 

Best screen room

Wenzel El-Dorado 8-Person Tent

Features :

The Wenzel El-Dorado is a cabin style tent with screen room.

It can accommodate and has sleeping space for as many as 8 people.

Its main frame is made of fiberglass and features corner elbows and steel uprights.

The screened room has large windows and entrance.

The dimensions of this tent are 14 x 9 x 6 feet.

The center has a height of 7ft. Most users can stand and walk around upright in this tent.

The ventilation in this model is excellent.

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You get the options of one large room, two separate rooms for sleeping, and one room for sleeping and one as living space.  The sleeping space has large windows and a D-shaped door. Also, it is considerably lightweight with a packing weight of 29 pounds. It is not suitable for backpackers and hikers. Moreover, you can get buy it at a considerably affordable price.
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12.Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Tent with Screen Room

Best screen room

Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Tent with Screen Room

Features :

The Wenzel Klondike tent with screen room accommodates as many as 8 people.

It is made of high-quality materials and features lap-felled seams which are double-stitched.

That provides excellent waterproofing to this product.

It also features a removable rainfly that the user can remove to enjoy the view through the ceiling.

That makes this tent sturdy and durable to withstand tough weather.

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You will definitely love its spaciousness. Mesh windows and fully mesh roofs provide airflow and repel insects. The frame of the roof is made of shock-corded fiberglass. On top of everything, you can get this beautiful product at an affordable price.
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13.Ozark Trail 12-Person Tent with Screen Room

Best screen room

Ozark Trail 12-Person Tent with Screen Room

Features :

The Ozark Trail 12-person tent comes with a factory-welded floor.

This model features seamed seals and windows that are fully closable throughout the tent.

That provides leak protection to the tent.

The sewn room dividers in the interior provide for different ways to use this product.

It also features a free-standing structure of frame that comes with pre-attached poles.

You can buy the Ozark Trail 12-person tent at an affordable price.

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That provides the feet of the user protection from insects and moisture. You can accommodate multiple sleeping mattresses in the chamber rooms. The Ozark Trail 12- person tent has access for electrical cords that might come in handy. that makes it easy to set up. An added porch area is also available in addition to large chamber rooms. It is ideal for the purpose of family camping.
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14.Alpha Camp 6-Person Tent with Screening Room

Best screen room

Alpha Camp 6-Person Tent with Screening Room

Features :

The Alpha Camp screen room tent comes with a beautiful design.

It has been designed to accommodate between 6 to 8 people.

The meshed large front porch provides the user ample protection from bugs.

Though it is floorless. This model features stakes made of solid steel, providing high strength to its framework.

That means it can withstand strong winds. This tent comes at a considerably affordable price.

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It features a mesh roof and large windows to provide ample ventilation. That means the feet of the user is not protected from moisture on the ground. The main section provides for a comfortable sleeping area with a material floor. Though it also means that it is too heavy for backpackers and hikers. 
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Screen room tents are a very popular and useful commodity among campers. A good screen room tent greatly enhances your camping experience. The screen room tents featured in the list are of varying sizes and features. Hopefully, this list has helped you you with the information of the best screen room tents to choose from in2020.



1.Which is the best screen room tent?

All the screen room tents mentioned in the list are good. But it’s the Coleman Dome tent stands out among them as the best screen room tent due to its features. Also, it comes in two variants.

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